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Margalef village

How to get to Margalef

If you come to Margalef from Barcelona "El Prat" Airport we recommend you this route. Navigator can offer you different routes, but this one is free of charge, has less curves and it is more pleasant.
You should take A-2 road and go towards Igualada - Lerida - Bellaguarda - Margalef

Where to stay in Margalef

If you come with tent or caravan there are 2 camping sites in Margalef: El Pont and La Presa.
El Pont is situated in Margalef and La Presa is situated 4 km away from Margalef, near reservoir.
For more information visit the web-site
El Refugi
If you are looking for the accommodation, there is one charming hostel in Margalef, where you can stay in shared or in private room.
There is a bar and restaurant where you can order breakfasts and dinners.
For more information visit the web-site
In Margalef there are several rural houses that were recently reconstructed and can offer us comfortable accommodation.

Normally apartments have 2 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and bathroom.

The best way to book an apartment is to look availability on airbnb.

Where to buy in Margalef

where to buy in Margalef, grocery shop
There is one grocery shop in Margalef where you can buy everything you need. Anna is so cute!
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