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Margalef Rock Climbing Guidebook

2024 edition
a little bit of history
The first edition of the Margalef climbing guidebook was created in 2017 by Vicent Palau and Maya Ayupova.
Since then, two more editions have been published: the second in 2019 and the third in 2022. The information in each new edition has been added and updated, in the last 5 years more than 250 new routes have been bolted and 120 routes have been re-bolted in Margalef.
After the release of the third edition, it was decided to create a completely new format for the guidebook, that can hold all the details about rock climbing in Margalef.

Margalef sport climbing
NEW 2024 edition
The new edition comes to life in two books: one in English and one in Spanish. This format allows us to share even more information about sport climbing in Margalef than before!
- 1831 routes
- 95 sectors
- 412 pages
In Margalef you can buy our guidebook in all locals.
The price is 32 Euros.
But if you want to study the guidebook before your trip, you can buy it on our website. We will send it by national post service, so it may take time to come.
Margalef Rock Climbing Guidebook 2024
32 + shipping cost

What's inside the guidebook?

Fast and simple way to look through the entire guidebook!
This functional crag planner will help you to choose the most suitable sector, according to your level, the season and if you are climbing with children.
You'll never get lost again! We provide you with detailed information on how to find parkings and crags.
You will find QR codes for car parks and sectors, as well as maps, on each approach page.
- Stunning action photos
- History of the development of the sector
- Kind of climbing description
- Approach information
- Recommended for climbers
- Best season
- Belay area (is it suitable for children or not)

- High quality photo-topos
- Exact sun/shade hours
- Approach
- Belay area
- Routes description
- Routes recommendations
- Number of bolts, meters, warnings
- Names of route bolters and years of bolting

Online topo 27 crags

If you're looking for online Margalef topo which works offline, download 27 Crags app where we have all routes updated. With the same 27 Crags Premium subscription, you'll also get topos of Siurana, Montsant and thousands of other places!

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