Actividades para el día de descanso

Hay muchas caminatas alrededor de Margalef. There is a lot of trails around Margalef, some of them start directly from the village, another from Pantano. You can consult our map to choose the route.
Visit Ermita de Sant Salvador, which is situated just near Margalef. You can go by car or have a nice walk, passing by huge Cova de la Roba (Roba cave).
Natural stone bridge, 15 minutes drive from Margalef.
Old Bridge of Cabaces (14 century), if you come in summer, take your swimming suite!
Siurana is a beautiful village of houses and cobblestone streets, discover its history and legends.
Cartoixa d'Escaladei is worth seeing, it is an ancient Monastery that was founded in 1194.
Discover charming villages: Figuera together with Ermita de Sant Pau; La Vilella Baixa; Prades and Ermita de la Abellera.
You can visit Tarragona
and get lost in narrow streets of the old town. And don't forget about Puente de Diablo (Les Ferreres Aqueduct - Devil's Bridge). It is one of the most monumental and best preserved aqueducts from Roman times, and it is undoubtedly the most important in Catalonia.
Museum of olive oil in Margalef, here you can see how olive oil was produced before. Museum is open on Saturday, Sunday and festivals.
Bellmunt del Priorat Mine museum is located in the old industrial complex of the Eugenia Mine, is an interpretation center for lead mining in the Priorat region.
There is a lot of wineries in Priorat region that can offer you a guided tour and wine testing experience. You can find a winery on Priorat tourism website.
Mediterranean beaches are just an hour and a half away from Margalef. Discover Tarragona, Miami Playa, Cambrils.
Delta D'Ebre is worth visiting!
Cave of La Taverna. A cave situated near the Margalef de Montsant reservoir, ideal for caving, with one of the oldest cave paintings in Catalonia.
A head torch, hand torches and suitable clothing and footwear are required as there may be water inside. It should not be entered when it is raining, as it may be dangerous.
Santa Llúcia Cave just 15 min drive from Margalef. During the Spanish Civil War the cave was prepared as a field hospital by the Republican troops.
Cave of Ximet (Cova d'en Ximet). Situated near Margalef is a nice and curious place to visit. You can combine it with Ermita de Sant Salvador.
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