The weather in Margalef

Margalef is a unique climbing spot because it’s possible to climb here throughout the year. Its climbing sectors have all variety of orientations.

During winter when days are cold we can enjoy climbing in the sun sectors. In November and December weather is stable and sunny.

In January and February we should give more attention to the weather forecast, because these months are a bit unstable and colder, and it can rain or even snow (once a year)!

Spring and autumn are the best seasons to climb in Margalef, with perfect and very pleasant temperatures, when we can combine climbing in all sectors, whether is sun or shade.

Summer is the hottest season but, except some days of July, it’s possible to climb all days, always choosing shady sectors. Rain and Margalef are incompetibles, so don’t be worry about rainy days. It doesn’t rain too much in Margalef and when it rains, the rock gets dry incredibly fast. A few hours after the rain, it will be possible to go climbing again. Rainy season is in spring and autumn, and it will never rain more than 2 or 3 days per month.